HIResist: Database of HIV-1 Resistance to Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies


HIResist is a database of HIV-1 Resistance to broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs). It is a user-friendly platform that includes a public database of HIV-1 resistant strains, provides multiple computational tools for analysis of HIV-1 resistance to bnAbs, and enables identification of potential mechanisms of resistance. All data are currently sourced from public databases, specifically GenBank and the HIV CATNAP and HIV Antibody Feature databases at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Tools available

    Comparison of the amino acid sequences of the envelope glycoproteins (Envs) of resistant and sensitive HIV-1 strains. Alignments display the sequences of known bnAb epitopes in diverse isolates.

    bnAb Reactivity or Strain Sensitivity

    Integrated methods to analyze HIV-1 sensitivity to multiple bnAbs from the same class and to multiple bnAbs from different classes.

    Cross-Sensitivity Plot
Tools being developed

    Resistance trees of diverse of HIV-1 isolates and clustering of viral strains with similar resistance profiles to bnAbs.

    Tools to study and cluster HIV-1 sensitivity to bnAbs according to HIV-1 Env function, conformation, stability and viral infectivity.

    Prediction of potential sensitivity and resistance based on the presence or absence of conserved amino acids

    Experimental database of conserved amino acids that restrain or stabilize specific Env conformations, relationships between Env glycosylation patterns and HIV-1 sensitivity to bnAbs.